all sorts of stuff people ask us…

Where are you located?

We have three offices, one in Durham, one in Newcastle and one other down in London and we can also work from wherever there’s a WiFi connection.

What do you do?

Wish Design is a website design agency. We focus on website design and development in Durham and Newcastle. Our services can include website design and development, graphic design – digital and print, brand development, search engine optimisation, online marketing and social media management.

How much will it cost?

Ahh that question! Essentially, we’ll work to your budget. The bigger the budget, the more we can do. We work with everyone from the kitchen table start up to national and international businesses. You don’t have to be based in Durham or Newcastle, or even the rest of the North East as its pretty easy to “meet up” over the internet.

What does “work to your budget” mean?

We charge according to the time it will take to do the job so the bigger the project the bigger the cost. If your budget is less than the expected cost we can help you find ways to perhaps reduce the project scope to bring it in on budget.  We’re here to help.

Is there any funding available?

We’ll be honest, there’s not as much out there as there used to be, but its still available. We can put you in touch with a North East enterprise agency. They run funding programmes that help North East businesses by providing grants for business improvement. “Business improvement” includes website design and development, graphic design and branding, online and social media marketing but does not cover the cost of print costs. The agency may be able to provide a grant of up to £2800 for website design projects in Durham and Newcastle, as long as the business is based in  Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or County Durham.

How do we start?

It’s best to call us (0191 303 7141/07999653724), email us or send us a message via the contact page or even just use the chat box on the website. If no one is around, we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

How does this work?

On the about us page you’ll find “our typical website design process…”.  Hopefully this will help you but if it doesn’t – give us a shout.

What about support?

YES. We’re all consumers, all customers of someone, and we’ve found that the companies we like to deal with (and keep dealing with) are the ones that offer the best support. This is what we strive for… to offer “website design without the usual headaches”.

Towards the end of the project (or shortly after) we’ll show you how to use the web site and can even provide videos so you don’t have to get that glazed expression with information overload.

Ok, so what does “website design without the usual headaches” actually mean?

As a website design agency we are very aware that there are many points in a project at which things can awry and we have focused on the process in order to smooth over these bumps.

We concentrate on the experience of our clients, from the point of first contact, to past the point of delivery. We are proud of our work and proud of the relationships we share with our clients.

Will my website work on mobiles, laptops, tablets, the fridge…?

Yup. The websites are responsive which means they will auto scale to any size screen. We can even magically make some parts of a website be seen on mobile devices or be hidden on them.

Do you just do websites? I just want a logo and some business cards or may be just some kick ass online marketing.

Yup. We’re to help so you can pick and choose from any of our skills… and by the way, if we don’t do something your interested in – like photography or something – just ask as we’re well hooked up.

Will I be able to edit the website myself?

Can you get by with a word processor like word? We’re not talking about being a whizz kid at it, just an occasional user. If the answer is yes then you’ll probably have no trouble managing your website.

Don’t forget that “website design without the usual headaches”… if you need help get in touch or give us a call on 0191 303 7141.

I want more ongoing support than just the occasional help. Do you offer more in depth support?

Yes. Talk to us and we’ll assess what you need, how often you’ll need it and how we can provide it for a very reasonable fee!

What about security?

Do you know, not enough people ask us about that?I mean, seriously, we live in a world where banks and huge corporates get hacked and no one (well almost no one) asks us that question! Seriously, we have to bring it up every time.

You can back up the site with a click of the switch and making sure that all of the components, plugins extensions, modules and the website framework itself can usually be updated just as easily. Its even possible to automate the back up and store the back up on a separate environment such as Dropbox. If you’re not comfortable with that, we can regularly do it for you for a tiny fee.

Will that stop me getting hacked? It’s a bit like having a really good bike lock. The idea of a bike lock is not to prevent your bike being pinched, its about making it so difficult that the little sh!t will steal someone else’s bike.  Websites are the same. The trick is to make sure that the security is so solid that the hacker will go somewhere else.

It’s imperative that you got an up to date back up of your site and that the back up is NOT on your server. Don’t forget this! Please, pretty please.

If you’re the sort of person/company that wants a website but won’t do the back office admin, you need to talk to us or your site will become a lame duck. Sorry, but its true.

If you need SSL, (that funny little lock sign in the address bar which indicates that the connection between the server and your customers device is encrypted) then we can help.

Editors note: gosh this has turned out to be the biggest answer – it must be important 😉

Please make sure you’ve read the “What about security?” question. It is important!

So what’s hosting, why do I need it, how much does it cost, what happens if I don’t have it?

Websites are made up of code, images, videos and a whole heap of stuff. This stuff needs to be on a computer 24/7 so that other computers can access the website. That’s hosting and that’s why you need it. Without hosting, your website is just stuff sitting on your desktop.

Like most web site design companies, we don’t provide web hosting ourselves. Instead we use professional hosting companies. These companies host the site, take responsibility for downtime, outages, or blackouts and provide the sort of security and tech you need to securely be on the internet.

We provide the first years hosting for free and then will pay the hosting companies on your behalf for following years. We then invoice you.

You need to tell us if you don’t want this service as we’ll automatically renew the service on your behalf. We do this, and also renew your domain name, automatically for you because in the past, occasionally clients have forgotten to renew their hosting and the worse case scenario is that they’ve lost their site.  We provide this renewal service as part of our commitment of “website design without the usual headaches”.

What about the website name?

The domain name. We can help with that too. If you don’t have one we can do that for you and help you choose the name; you can even get one of the shiny new endings so you’re not stuck with etc. Try typing in Did you try it? Did you see what happened? It opened up a tab/window with our home page because we’ve registered the domain name and directed it to

If you already have a domain name and or hosting we can simply use those, but you’ll need to remember to renew the domain and the host so you don’t lose them.

I need an email address.

The email is linked to the domain name. Once you have the domain name we can set up the email for you. We provide up to 10 email addresses per domain but can usually provide more if you need it. You’ll be able to access your mail via the web, your desktop, tablet or phone.

What happens to the copyright of my website, if I choose to use another web provider?

Once your website is completed, upon request, we can provide a compressed folder with the website in it. The folder will contain all of the files, code, images, video etc that make up the website. Unlike many other web site designers we don’t have a problem if you wish to move the site to a different server. You’re free to use the code and we’re cool with that.

Do I have to pay now?

To begin the project we ask for 40% of the agreed cost. That way we can feed our children, build a pink castle, go to the moon and swim with giant squid  – all the stuff we all do with the salaries we earn.

Help! I have an old website but its not working for me.

We can take a look.  We can certainly redesign the site and look at the places where things are going a bit wrong or it may be that the site is already good and you need online marketing to promote your business. Let’s have a coffee and a chat.

I need a project done yesterday. Do you have a TARDIS?

Websites take time. If you need a rush job then we may be able to help but we’ll need to talk and there may be an extra cost to cover the large amount of coffee we’ll need to keep us going through the night.

Are there any long term/recurring costs?

Not much. You’ll need to pay the annual hosting charges and the domain name cost (around £115 per year). Additionally, sometimes websites have software within them such as components, extensions and plugins which may need to be updated. If that’s an issue we’ll let you know.

More questions?

I have still have questions, or really just want a cup of lovely coffee, what shall I do?